We are really pleased to be able to continue working within the New Care Models process as an Acute Care Collaboration Vanguard into 2017/2018.

The support we have received so far has enabled us to work much faster and at much greater depth, than we had originally anticipated. The announcement that this will continue for us into 2018, is very welcome.

Of course financial support is always useful, but the support we can access through the NCM process in terms of skill, expertise and backing at national level is of even greater value to us as a consortium. We will be able to keep up the pace of change, and to deliver realistic and sustainable solutions for service delivery in diagnostic imaging, with the aim of improving services for clinicians and outcomes for patients.

This support will also allow us to strengthen and develop our models for working as a collaborative consortium. We think this is a model with real long-term value and which will readily transfer into other areas of shared clinical and operational interest. When set against the extreme challenges we all face in the wider NHS, working together across traditional boundaries is not an option; it is a necessity.