EMRAD regional Teaching and Training day- Tuesday
31st January 2017, to be held at EMRAD base in Loughborough.

One of the key benefits of working as a collaborative consortium, is our size. We can do things together that wouldn’t make sense to do individually. As such, we are planning to run regular cross-region teaching and training days to ensure that everyone- new starters, those who would like a refresher, or those wanting to hone their advanced skills- can get the best from the technical system in place.

The first of these days will be held on Tuesday 31st January and will be split into two parts, one from 0930-1230 and one from
1300-1600- with two sessions running side-by-side.

One session will be a masterclass in advanced image reconstruction,
led by one of GE’s international AW experts. The intended audience is
consultant radiologists or senior trainees who use AW in their daily
workflow. This will be based around hands-on case manipulation with
expert tuition. There will be as close to 1:1 workstation access as possible,
with opportunity to work on cases specific to radiologists’ needs – we will anonymise and import specific exemplar cases ahead of time if these are
provided, for example.

In order to keep this as a masterclass, numbers
will be strictly limited to 4 per session = 8 total for the day

The other session will focus on UVweb, with the aim of allowing
users to get properly under the hood of what UVweb is capable of doing as a
viewer. This session will be led by GE’s PACS senior training team. The
intended audience is anyone who uses UVWeb and wants to become more
accomplished; this would be an ideal session for recent starters, those wanting
to develop superuser skills, and could include reporting radiographers
etc. There will be 1:3- 1:4 workstation access with plenty of opportunity for hands-on.

In order to keep the session interactive and practically
useful, numbers will be strictly limited to 8 per session = 16 total for the

The day will include refreshments and a light lunch. CPD will be available.

The day is open to any EMRAD consortium Trust staff member who uses UVWeb or AW in their workflows. There will be no cost to attendees. In order to ensure that sessions aren’t wasted, if you register to attend but subsequently do not attend on the day without reason, a charge will be made back to your Trust.

For further information, or to register an interest in attending, please contact events@emrad.org or speak to one of the emrad team on 01509 225421.